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Shanghai Jiaotong University(SJTU)
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Shanghai jiao tong university (sjtu) is one of the most honored and world renowned institutions of higher education in ChinaThe deep cultural heritage of Shanghai Jiaotong University, its long tradition of running a school, its arduous development process and its tremendous achievements since reform and opening up have drawn attention at home and abroad.
This century-old institution of exceptional talent takes the wind and sails, with the mission to inherit civilization and seek the truth, the mission to revitalize China and benefit humanity, and strive to be a world class university with Chinese characteristics.Jiaotong University has always viewed talent development as a fundamental task of running a school. Over the past 100 years, the university has trained more than 300,000 exceptional talents for the country and society, including a number of politicians, scientists, social activists, industrialists, engineering and technical experts and ExpertsUnder the direction of the National Commission for Defense Science and Technology and the Sixth Ministry of Machinery Industry, the university has been actively engaged in training national defense personnel and research in national defense, which contributed to "two bombs and a star" and to the modernization of national defense.
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