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Normal University of Central China(CCNU)
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The school motto is "learning to the new, teachers to educate people, but practical and can be innovative, only moral can tree people".

The campus of the Central China Normal University is particularly famous for its Osmanthus Mountains. And formed its unique characteristics. Central China Normal University has specially opened a "cherry garden" in Boya Square. Based on the original cherry trees, over 400 cherry trees of various varieties have been replanted, which will form another scene of "cherry blossom sea in spring".

There are large areas of virgin forest in the eastern part of the school, camphor and fishing forest and plum yuan across two roads in the northern part of the school, and a large area of meteria forest redwood near the south door of the school. As for the central part of the school, there are peony garden, plum garden, yulan garden and other picturesque places. Campus du lac du Sud faces south lake, ripplesThe university covers an area of over 1.2 million square meters, with 30 colleges and 75 undergraduate programs. There are 8 key state disciplines and 22 key first-level disciplines in Hubei Province. Fifteen postdoctoral research stationsHangzhou Clean PCO Technology Co., Ltd. founded in 2003, focused on biological control work for 17 yearsThe lamp uses special and irresistible attractive UV light to attract and catch mosquitoes, flies and other pests

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