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Chengdu University
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Adhering to the motto of "self-love, self-cultivation, self-esteem, self-improvement"Focusing on the talent training characteristics of "school-city integration, open coordination, and regional application", the school has trained more than 150,000 talents of various types for the country's economic construction and social developmentThe school revolves around adapting to the needs of learners in the 21st century that have grown up with new technologies, has established a learner-centric concept, increased teaching reform, built a more open and flexible curriculum system and learning support system, and constantly promoted the transformation from imparting knowledge to guiding And support students towards broad, in-depth and difficult learning goalsWith a view to the future, all the school's faculty and staff will be united and enterprising with their full work enthusiasm and high spirits, adhere to the leadership of the party, adhere to the virtue of standing up to the people, implement the spirit of the National Education Conference, and implement "based on this"Accelerate the comprehensive reform, further serve the construction of Chengdu's world-famous cultural city, accelerate the construction of Chengdu's innovative university, open university, and window university, and make unremitting efforts to build a distinctive and first-class domestic application-oriented city university!

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