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Jilin University (JLU)
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The school adheres to the guidelines of "overall planning, standardized management and scientific operation" and actively deepens the reform of school-run industries.We will adhere to the principle of "separating schools from enterprises and combining supervision with regulation", and build a management system and mechanism that takes capital as the link, takes the market as the guide, and takes "school-jida holding company - investment enterprise" as the coreOn the basis of the advantages of science and technology and the talents of the school, with the financial support of the government and the companies, we will establish innovative companies in science and technology, and will take the center of development of the science and technology park and the jida incubator as a platform to promote the industrialization of the school's scientific and technological achievements. Jida publishing house, jida zhiyuan, jida communications and other companies have good development momentum
The school takes the development strategy of “establishing the school academically, strengthening the school with talents, innovation and prosperity of the school, opening up the school, and developing the school. 'school with culture' as the development strategy

The school has a solid faculty, with 6,603 teachers, including 2,233 teachers. There are 11 academicians from the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Chinese Academy of Engineering, 53 dual-appointed academicians, 7 senior professors of philosophy and social sciences, and 15 members of the discipline discipline assessment group. university degrees

state council committeeRealistic innovation, source of inspiration for school motto;It is the mission and responsibility to bring staff together to choose ours and share health. May we enjoy the blue sky and white clouds together

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