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The Strongfood
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The group has set up four modern production parks in yangjiang, guangdong, lishui, nanjing, baoding, hebei and suining, sichuan, which have passed ISO9001, GMP, HACCP HACCPand other quality system certificationsFly lamp products can effectively monitor and kill pests, and can beautify your environment, is the perfect choice for high-end home, office environment, airports, hotels, hospitals and other public places.Stick trap type exterminate the light wave length that lamp chooses to be able to trap the insect such as fly, be concealed by its inside resist ultraviolet viscose board to stick, kill fly insect in silent in, the user can be in hotel, restaurant, coffee shop, bakery, school, hospital and so on all sorts of place of high requirement insect pest control at heart useEverything that goes through the main will be done; Timely discovery and solution of social responsibility issues, truthful, rigorous and effective research; Look only for methods, do not look for excuses, as long as the suggestion, do not complain about the pragmatic attitude of work, love of work, challenge challenges, passion for self - improvement in work;

Choose us to share health. Food security is maintained by all. I hope our cooperation can bring you a healthy and assured service experience.Hangzhou Clean PCO Technology Co., Ltd. With word of mouth and sustainable management business philosophy, it is our mission and our responsibility to make the world free from exterminating pests. In the second year after the creation of the company, we developed our own brand - purple dragonfly exterminator lamp..

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