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Yili Group
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Yili people with a consistent attitude of ownership, a high sense of responsibility and a solid execution, threw the unique spirit from the heart of the yili people, forge yili to pursue the exceptional development of internal power and competitiveness of the heartIt is a dairy company in China that meets Olympic standards and provides services for the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games; It is a dairy company in China that meets the standards of the World Expo and provides services for the 2010 Shanghai World Expo.Yili considers quality as life and applies strict quality control standards throughout the global industrial chain to ensure zero food safety incidents.
In 2004, chloris control developed the purple dragonfly catch lamp to protect food processors. kill mosquitoes, flies, mites and other insects.Using the principle of high-tech UVA trap technology, according to scientific studies, most insects on a particular wavelength of visual retinal UVA ultraviolet light (365 nm), caused a light reaction, stimulate the nerve visual, causing movement of the foot of the wing, tends to the light source, it is the technical principle of UVA lures which is applied to insects.La technologie de réflexion du miroir est adoptée à l'intérieur pour améliorer considérablement la portée effective, qui est beaucoup plus grande que la zone efficace de la lampe ordinaire tuant les mouches. La lutte physique contre les ravageurs est saine, sobre en carbone, sûre et respectueuse de l'environnement

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