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Aimei WeixinBiopharmaceutical (Zhejiang) Co. Ltd.
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Adhere to quality, credibility and innovation as a basic survival, go beyond development, contribute to society as a goal, mutual trust and mutual benefit, common development as a basis for cooperation,Integrity, objectivity, robust, innovative It's cultureTook a foothold in the ningbo, deep in the country, in a few years to extend the strategic model abroadCooperation with companies, including the armybug board flashlight and other accessories.Hangzhou Clean PCO Technology Co., Ltd.

On the professional pest control for 17 years, solved the problem of pests for tens of thousands of families, is your reliable partner

The unique indoor wall mirror treatment of the sticky catch type purple butterfly series to eliminate the flying lamp uses the principle of optical reflection and divergence, effectively solves problems such as low light, low trapping rate and small effective range in the day and the occasion of operation which has the decorative lamp. The USES special and irresistible ultraviolet light, attractive steering wheel to attract and catch mosquitoes, flies and other pestsOur common goal is to make the world free from exterminating pests

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