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ZHK supermarket industry
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Cooperates with it already for a few years, the ling insect branch controls extinguishing the fly series of lamps already for the love of the general customer.Hangzhou Clean PCO Technology Co., Ltd.  On professional pest control for 17 years, solved the problem of pests for tens of thousands of families, is your worthy partner confianceThe lamp uses special and irresistible attractive UV light to attract and catch
moustiques, mouches et autres ravageurs.
This lamp subverts the electric shock appendage form of traditional case to destroy the high-voltage current device of flying lamp, does not produce the arc, the spark, the calm working aspect is generous, catches the insect effect to be more remarkableFlying lamp is widely used in a variety of specifications restaurant canteen kitchen, can also be used in food, medicine, beverage, electronic, precision instrument, chemical industry, non woven, packaging industry

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